Grilled Cheese + the Care Synergy Model = Deliciousness

 In 2023

In honor of National Sandwich month, we want to recognize the grilled cheese as the number one sandwich in the U.S. It beat out a grilled chicken and turkey sandwich, respectively ranking second and third. How is it possible that this simple sandwich that isn’t wildly exciting ranked the best? It’s because the foundation, bread and cheese, is spectacular and offers a lot of options. 

Our health care teams are similar to the grilled cheese sandwich. Our foundation is built upon years of experience and a lot of trial and error to put the right ingredients together to offer a warm and satisfying experience. Our Affiliates work together to share resources and best practices in serving individuals and families.

Working together with our Affiliates, Care Synergy is the bread the supports the cheese to:

  • Create quality programs and services and expand them so more Coloradans have access to them.
  • Share and adopt best practices to improve clinical care and patient/family outcomes.
  • Achieve efficiencies and economies of scale not available to stand-alone community-based hospice and palliative care providers.
  • Build effective and broad-based relationships with local, regional and national payors, and health systems.

In recognizing the best sandwich, we’d also like to recognize the best health care model in helping our Affiliates succeed in our fast-changing health care industry.