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The rising demand for health care service employees makes becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant (also known as a Certified Nurse Aide) a wise career move. The CNA profession has been growing steadily for more than ten years. Coupled with our aging baby boomers, both the need and job opportunities will continue to grow for the next 30 to 40 years. In addition:

  • Hospice providers, skilled nursing facilities, and hospitals require Certified Nurse Aides.
  • Many nursing programs require completion of a nurse aide course as a prerequisite for admission into their nursing program.
  • Employment for Certified Nurse Aides may include shift differentials (extra compensation for employees who work a less desirable shift, such as evening or midnight shifts) as well as weekend pay premiums.

About Our Nursing Assistant Training Program

Care Synergy’s Nursing Assistant Training Program provides comprehensive training allowing candidates to sit for the State of Colorado licensing examination to become a Certified Nurse Aide (CNA). The program is 76 hours long and includes classroom instruction, a simulation lab, and two days of hands-on clinical experience with patients at a local skilled nursing facility.

Students will gain an understanding of the responsibilities involved in working with residents/patients of all ages. Issues related to mental health, resident/patient rights as well as family and resident/patient interactions are also covered.

Class Overview

Class instruction includes the following:

  • Basic nurse aide procedures and skills
  • Restorative services
  • Patient care
  • Safety and emergency care


Tuition for the two week training is $1260 and includes:

  • Tuition – $1050
  • Textbook and Workbook – $100
  • Background check (required by state of Colorado) – $52
  • Drug Screening (required by state of Colorado) – $40
  • Credit Card Processing Fee – $18


Contact Care Synergy CNA Training
Phone: 303-329-7400
Fax: 303-418-4688

Certified Nurse Aide Job Duties

A CNA provides personal care to patients such as bathing, dressing, changing linens, and other essential activities. They work under the supervision of a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or Registered Nurse (RN). CNAs may perform many or all the following duties:

  • Care for residents with memory loss
  • Obtain vital signs
  • Perform non-invasive monitoring as directed by the RN or LPN
  • Observe for and reports to the RN or LPN unexpected situations
  • Express needs and changes in the patient’s condition and behaviors
  • Document care and observations thoroughly and accurately
  • Assist patients with hygiene and grooming needs
  • Transfer and assists residents with ambulation and mobility needs
  • Perform routine care of urinary drainage devices
  • Reapply cannula and oxygen masks for residents already receiving oxygen therapy
  • Collect specimens as directed by the RN or LPN
  • Utilize assistive devices, wheelchairs, and other equipment safely

Join a Care Synergy Affiliate

Upon the completion of our training course and the certification process, we encourage you to join the Care Synergy team at one of our Affiliates. Your application will be given full consideration. We have many job opportunities for employment in our four hospice programs located in Fort Collins, Denver, and Colorado Springs.

Get Hired Before Certification!

Because these classes are being offered by Care Synergy, those seeking employment as a CNA can be hired by The Denver Hospice or the Colorado Visiting Nurse Association prior to receiving their CNA certification. Those hired in training roles will be paid to attend classes, receive free tuition for the two week class and, upon successful completion and certification, be hired as a CNA.

Note: Certain conditions apply to receive pay as a trainee and free tuition. Our Affiliates offer competitive wages and benefits and is an equal opportunity employer.

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Care Synergy offers multiple two week Nursing Assistant training sessions.

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