Care Synergy Network Announces “Take Care of You – Scheduling” to Provide RNs Additional Time Off

 In 2022, News

The Care Synergy network of home healthcare, hospice and palliative care providers are implementing a new way for RN Case Managers and Admissions RNs to schedule their time and provide care for patients and families of The Denver Hospice, Pathways and Pikes Peak Hospice and Palliative Care.

The new employment program is called “Take Care of You – Scheduling” and it will provide RN Case Managers and Admissions RNs with additional time off to balance work and life responsibilities.

“As a result of employee engagement and feedback sessions that were held this past fall, we are excited to offer this new creative scheduling for our full time RN Case Managers and Admission RNs,” stated Tim Bowen, President and CEO. “It recognizes the challenges and rewards the work presents and at the same time is designed to allow for much better work life balance and paid time for the employee.  Based on the employee feedback, we feel this flexible scheduling allows for more support from the organizations.”

The way the “Take Care of You – Scheduling” program works, it allows hospice RN Case Managers and Admissions RNs who work for any of the three Affiliate organizations to be scheduled 72 hours in a pay period and receive their full salary of 80 hours in that same pay period.  It can be used as an afternoon off each week or a day off every other week, based on the preference of the team member.

“Take Care of You – Scheduling” gives these employees an additional day off every two weeks – for a total of 26 additional days per year – in addition to their PTO, to use however they like.  In addition, sign on bonuses also apply to some RN roles.

“In addition to providing additional time off, the Care Synergy network will also offer improved benefits and mental health support as we focus on taking care of our caregivers,” stated Crystal O’Brien, Vice President of Human Resources. “In 2022, we significantly improved our medical plan design, doubled the employer Health Savings Account funding, up to $2,000 annually, while not passing on any increases to employees, four out of the last six years.  Our team members perform invaluable work in our communities and our priority will remain to Take Care of You.”

For more information about the “Take Care of You – Scheduling”, please visit www.caresynergynetwork/join-our-team/ or contact Care Synergy’s Human Resources team at (303) 780-4600.