Care Synergy Joins in National Partnership with Johns Hopkins School of Nursing as the National Center for CAPABLE Services

 In 2022

Care Synergy recently entered into an agreement with the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing (JHSON) to become the National Center for CAPABLE Services, providing oversight and resources to the current licensed CAPABLE sites and to implement and expand CAPABLE services nationwide.

Care Synergy and JHSON will immediately begin working together to transition responsibilities. Once completed, Care Synergy will be the national contact for both existing and new CAPABLE programs.

The Community Aging in Place, Advancing Better Living for Elders (CAPABLE) is a client-directed, home-based program, designed to increase mobility, function, and capacity to “age in place” or “age in community” and prevent placement in Assisted Living or Skilled Nursing facilities.

CAPABLE is a specially designed program based on research that consists of time-limited services, in a series of visits from an occupational therapist (OT), a registered nurse (RN), and a home modification service, who work in collaboration with the adult. A key component of this approach is having the participant drive the goal setting.

Over the past decade, the CAPABLE program has grown from the original Baltimore, Maryland/JHSON site to over 40 CAPABLE sites in 21 states, including some sites participating in ongoing research of the program. This expansion is ready to accelerate given population health trends and an increasing societal focus on supporting people as they age in place in their community and reducing health disparities.

Care Synergy as the National Center will expand on the work that JHSON has done to nationally scale CAPABLE by educating community organizations on the benefits of becoming a licensed provider and offering CAPABLE services in their local communities.  Care Synergy will support those organizations through the implementation process and as they serve clients and work collaboratively with JHSON on exploring available opportunities for funding CAPABLE.

Given research showing a reduction of healthcare costs, CAPABLE is poised to support Accountable Care Organizations, Medicare Advantage programs and other healthcare insurers seeking services that reduce spending for the aging population who want to remain independent and in their place of residence.

CAPABLE was unanimously recommended by the Physician-Focused Payment Model Technical Advisory Committee to the Secretary of Health and Human Services for testing to inform Medicare payment model development.