Our Mission

To support, sustain, empower and grow community based, mission driven, values based not-for-profit hospice and palliative care organizations.


Care Synergy was formed in 2014 thanks to the vision of the Board of Directors of The Denver Hospice. Care Synergy is the largest end-of-life care network along the Front Range. Care Synergy provides mission support services to a growing family of preeminent not-for-profit, mission driven and community-based hospice, palliative care and post-acute care providers serving the Front Range.

Care Synergy’s Affiliates continue to operate as distinct not-for-profit, mission-driven hospice and palliative care providers. At the same time Care Synergy Affiliate members are working together to share resources and best practices to meet the needs of the communities we serve along the Front Range for quality, compassionate, timely hospice and palliative care.

Care Synergy’s Affiliates include:

  • Halcyon Hospice and Palliative Care
  • Pathways Hospice and Palliative Care
  • The Denver Hospice and Optio Health Services

Care Synergy benefits Affiliates by:

  • Expanding and advancing quality programs and services available for our communities.
  • Sharing and adopting best practices to improve clinical care and patient/family outcomes
  • Achieving efficiencies and economies of scale not available to stand-alone not-for-profit community-based hospice and palliative care providers
  • Enabling Care Synergy affiliates to build effective and broad-based relationships with local, regional and national payors and health systems


Core values Our values underlie our daily work, how we interact with each other, and how we fulfill our mission.

Honesty – We hold ourselves to the highest standard of character including truthfulness, integrity, transparency, straightforwardness, fairness and sincerity. We do not triangulate, we address issues directly with each other.
Accountability – We consider and accept the responsibility for our own actions and their consequences (both positive and negative). We will hold ourselves and others accountable to meet expectations, commitments and obligations. We consider the consequences of our actions and the affect that they have on others. We recognize in our acceptance of this duty that we are the example for our organizations.
Innovation – We recognize that transformation is fundamental to the Care Synergy experience and will lead to positive and effective change. We look to utilize the best practices of each organization, and when none exist, to learn from other industries/experts. We strive to achieve desired results, find new or improved solutions to challenges that will make us more efficient, effective, and creative in our provision of high quality care.
Respect – We value each other. We treat others with common courtesy, recognize individual differences and will treat others in the manner in which they want to be treated. Respect includes honesty, integrity, allowing everyone to have a voice, staying mindful of priorities and the value of one’s time.
Service – We are committed to exceeding our customers’ (internal and external) expectations. We remember that we exist to serve others with integrity, sincerity and timeliness. This focus is foremost in every decision we make and actions we take.

Care Synergy better positions affiliate organizations to:

  • Expand our geographic footprint of care delivery
  • Share best practices and care for more Coloradans
  • Be better positioned to meet the continuing changes in healthcare

Organizing Principles

  • Improving Quality Care and Patient/Family Outcomes
  • Maximizing Quality Operationgal Economies and Efficiencies
  • Optimizing Strategic Positioning
  • Continuing Growth
  • Ensuring Sustainability

Our Team

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors oversees operations for Care Synergy’s affiliate members and how to best serve Colorado’s front range. The board meet regularly with executive management to set strategic goals and ensures growth and sustainability of the organization. Jim Burke, Chairman

Tim Bowen, President and CEO
Dennis Helling
John Horan, Vice Chairman
Joann Lovins
Wayne G. Nielsen, Treasurer
Zach Pashel
Adel Phelan, Secretary
Dr. David Scanavino
Mary Voggesser