Care Synergy Mission

To support, sustain, empower and grow mission driven, values based not-for-profit hospice, home health and palliative care organizations providing community based care and services.

Care Synergy Values

Our values underlie our daily work, how we interact with each other, and how we fulfill our mission.

Collaboration – We are all vested in each other’s successes and see each other as partners. We focus on support, engagement and inclusiveness of all. We seek win‐win scenarios and create constructive compromises when necessary.
Honesty – We hold ourselves to the highest standard of character including truthfulness, integrity, transparency, straightforwardness, fairness and sincerity. We do not triangulate, we address issues directly with each other.
Accountability – We consider and accept the responsibility for our own actions and their consequences (both positive and negative). We will hold ourselves and others accountable to meet expectations, commitments and obligations. We consider the consequences of our actions and the affect that they have on others. We recognize in our acceptance of this duty that we are the example for our organizations.
Innovation – We recognize that transformation is fundamental to the Care Synergy experience and will lead to positive and effective change. We look to utilize the best practices of each organization, and when none exist, to learn from other industries/experts. We strive to achieve desired results, find new or improved solutions to challenges that will make us more efficient, effective, and creative in our provision of high quality care.
Respect – We value each other. We treat others with common courtesy, recognize individual differences and will treat others in the manner in which they want to be treated. Respect includes honesty, integrity, allowing everyone to have a voice, staying mindful of priorities and the value of one’s time.
Service – We are committed to exceeding our customers’ (internal and external) expectations. We remember that we exist to serve others with integrity, sincerity and timeliness. This focus is foremost in every decision we make and actions we take.